5 components of a successful marketing campaign: Leadership

July 27, 2021

If you’re not familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, well, I’m sorry! It’s peak 80’s and 90’s pop culture. Really fun stuff.

Leonardo is their fearless leader. So, the next several posts will draw imagery revolving around my TMNT fandom.

This series is titled: “5 components to a successful marketing campaign.”

The first component is leadership. Leadership is defined as “the ability to influence or guide.” So, when you are creating a marketing campaign, it is imperative that you know where you are guiding the customers you are taking on this journey.

It’s been said, “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

If you don’t have a clear and specific goal in mind (leadership), you (or your marketing team) can turn anything into a success. If there is no goal, the lack of sales can be spun into the red herring win of engagement, shares, or reach. All fine, but secondary to your initial goal of revenue.

This is especially important if you are hiring a marketer to create a campaign for you. Make sure that there is a clear goal in mind. If you don’t have this, it is impossible to measure the success of a campaign. You will get an endless supply of what I call the “yes buts.”  

For example, this campaign did not bring in any revenue… Yes, but look (insert irrelevant statistic here). Or, this campaign did not reach many people… Yes, but look (insert irrelevant statistic here).

So, back to my original quote, you can use statistics to create any win you want, but NOT if there is a clear goal from the beginning. And this takes leadership.

Be bold. Remember, if you hire a marketer, they work for you. Tell them the metrics you want to hit and let them create a plan that will get you there.

Don’t trade leads for likes. Do not exchange revenue for reach. It’s not what you wanted, and you shouldn’t settle for it.

Jon Schneck

Founder, Bifocal

Jon Schneck is the founder of Bifocal. He has helped organizations raise millions of dollars in new revenue and companies clarify their brand, positioning them for explosive growth. Jon earned his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Foresight after completing his BSBA in Marketing. As a futurist and certified Business Made Simple Business Coach, Jon is ready to help grow your business and revenue.